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Open Science

We are committed to opening up our code, designs and schematics when possible. Other groups and companies might benefit from the things we have learned and challenges we have come across. Furthermore, the community can take ownership of parts of this project and help us improve.

We love collaborations so if you would like to share ideas or something new that you have built, please let us know.


An up to date snap view of the microRNA literature landscape.

Loom continously scrapes all publicly available publications and establishes connections between microRNAs, genes and diseases as they are presented in literature.

Our objective is to provide a compelling overview of how microRNAs relate to specific diseases and genes. By visualizing and summarizing these connections we aim to help users shorten their reading time and facilitate their experimental design workflow.

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An open-source instrument for isothermal amplification reactions based on the Arduino platform.

Miriam was our first instrument and we still often use it in our lab. It can run assays based on LAMP or Elisa protocols.

On our github you will find the software, firmware and electronic and mechanical design as well as the license for use.

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