A distributable microRNA detection platform


Seamless integration of a novel molecular assay with state-of-the-art microfluidic instrument and data analytics.

Miroculus broad patent estate consists of over 20 applications in worldwide jurisdictions.

Molecular Assay

A molecular assay capable of reporting microRNA presence in biofluid-derived RNA samples.

In presence of the target microRNA the assay generates a fluorescent signal that is visible to the naked eye. The reaction takes place in isothermal conditions, effectively simplifying the microRNA detection setup.

The detection limit of Miroculus assay is within the dynamic range of circulating microRNAs in biofluids.

Instrument & Cartridge

Miroculus leverages novel microfluidics to develop an automated multiplexed approach to microRNA detection.

Total RNA and test reagents are dispensed in microliter droplets and manipulated on a grid of electrodes, enabling accurate and controlled test execution with minimal user intervention.

Our microfluidics approach results in a high-performance, hands-off instrument with low-cost consumables.

Data Science

Test results and associated metadata for each sample are collected and sent to our servers during the microRNA testing process.

Our machine-learning based algorithms enable us to understand and focus on the microRNAs with proven clinical validity and utility in each specific condition.

We are constantly improving our prediction models that combine microRNA profiles from each individual, clinical and demographic information, scientifically validated knowledge from peer-reviewed publications, curated databases and proprietary analyses.